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Mild Red Cheddar

This traditional British mild-bodied Cheddar is made with the finest milk and aged for at least 3 months. Because of its young age, it should have a subtle flavour.

Product details

Available Formats
1 x 20kg Block 1 x 9kg wheel 10 x 150g parchment 10 x 150g Slices 10 x 200g parchment 2 x 2.25kg half-moon 2 x 2.25kg waxed wheel 2 x 2.25kg wheel 4 x 1kg Slices 4 x 5kg Block 6 x 2kg Grated 8 x 1kg Grated 8 x 2.5kg Block 1 x 3kg waxed wheel
Cheese Category
Cheddar Territorial
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