Our catalogue of cheeses is vast. It stretches from our own Heritage cheeses – traditional Lancashire recipes passed down through generations of the Singleton family – to our take on the British Territorial classics, to our innovative and exciting blended cheeses. Our own broad offering is augmented by cheeses from a number of excellent producers across Britain and Ireland. There are now more named cheeses being made in the UK than France and Switzerland combined. We scour the country to identify quality products from a wide spectrum of like-minded producers.
Our Heritage range is formed of the artisanal cheeses that are the foundation of our family dairy. They each tell an important part of our story and provide us with a strong link to our all-important community. These wonderful cheeses are made using the finest milk from five family farms practically within sight of our dairy. Each cheese is linked to a local charity that benefits our small community. From the award-winning Parlick sheep’s milk cheese to our unique Beacon Fell PDO Lancashire, these handmade cheeses represent all that Singletons & Co stand for.
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In addition to the heritage cheeses that have become somewhat synonymous with Lancashire, we also handcraft a number of household regional cheeses such as Red Leicester, Double Gloucester and Wensleydale. Made by expert cheesemakers using local milk at our Mill Farm Dairy, each variety has its own unique characteristics, flavours and a story to tell.
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A quintessential classic that can be found in the fridge of most homes across Great Britain, our cheddar range features a selection of handcrafted cheeses, matured to perfection to suit all flavours and tastes. The milk is sourced from cows grazed in the freedom of the Bowland fells, an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty which surrounds our Mill Farm Dairy. All cheeses are subjected to testing and grading by independent testers to guarantee only the finest quality.
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Stilton and Blues
A true British classic hand selected by Singletons, our Blue Stilton is specially graded for exports and is now sold to over 30 countries worldwide. Crafted using traditional techniques developed over centuries with penicillium roqueforti to create the best blue-veined cheese in the world, Blue Stilton has become known as the 'King of English Cheese' by many.
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Our New Product Development team dedicate themselves to discovering new and interesting trends to search for new products for our customers. Whilst working with local suppliers such as Hawkshead Relish and Cartmel Sticky Toffee, we use decades of expertise to utilise classics, such as Wensleydale, to create well-loved combinations such as apricot.
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Available in a full range of territorial and cheddar flavours, all of our organic cheese is Soil Association Certified. Every single batch is individually graded and selected by independent testers to ensure fantastic quality across all ranges. State-of-the-art technology gives us the flexibility to be able to supply in various formats to suit retail, food service and catering, for example.
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Soft Cheese
Soft, mould-ripened cheese is not just the preserve of the French; and British cheese is not confined to Stilton and Cheddar. There are now a number of British producers who are making award-winning soft cheese. Among them: Simon Weaver’s soft and buttery Organic “Cotswold Brie”, Charles Martell’s pungent “Stinking Bishop” and Butlers’ silky “Kidderton Ash” goats’ cheese log.
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Our range includes classic cheddars, organic vintages and dessert cheeses – to name just a few!